Who we are

OPCJapan.com is the official site of the Committee for the Support of OPC Japan Mission… Which is why we go by OPC Japan. Since October 2015, we have been tasked with raising support and awareness for the mission work of the OPC—a historic, Reformed denomination (see opc.org) —being done in the wonderful country of Japan.

Personnel of the OPCJM have been sent to serve with the mission by various OPC presbyteries or congregations.  In accordance with the OPC's Form of Government (http://www.opc.org/BCO/FG.html#Chapter_XXVII), the Japan Mission, a ministry of the Presbytery of Ohio, serves to coordinate the labors of the missionaries.

Who we serve

Japan is a country of about 127 million people crammed onto a group of islands roughly the size of California, three-quarters of which are covered by mountains. Though the nation has full religious freedom, based on Article 20 of its Constitution, only about 1% of the population professes some form of Christianity—a quarter of those are estimated to be Evangelical Protestant. 

Our Goal

OPC Japan exists to raise support and awareness for the crucial mission work being done in Japan. It is our wish to help the congregations and Presbyteries of the OPC— as well as any individuals who may feel called—to give to this valuable work. Since everything OPC Japan does is on a volunteer basis, 100% of the proceeds from your gift will go to help the mission.